What are the Activators?

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The Activators is a unique stretching protocol I created that releases stress, tones your muscles, strengthens your central nervous system, relaxes and focuses your mind, and taps unused energy reserves. This is not about holding perfect poses. All the stretches are designed to fit the range of motion appropriate for each individual. Contact me about private sessions. New group classes coming soon. I also teach Meditation in private sessions. 

Who will Benefit?

The Activators benefit anyone desiring a stronger body and more positive energy. All of the stretches are gentle resulting in no strain. The Activators protocol fosters physical and mental strength. The Activators are suitable for anyone regardless of their fitness level or age. Private coaching is available.

Young woman meditating indoors

The Activators Feature 3 Key Areas that Work Together

Exercise Sequence

The stretches release stress held in your body, tones your major muscles, relaxes your mind, and strengthens your vital central nervous system. The stretches are easy-to-do and they cover all of your major muscle groups and especially your neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. You will also learn gentle variations in the event you have specific sensitivities to any part of your body.

Sound Meditation

The short period of Sound Meditation will quiet your active mind and open you to being more attuned to inspiration in the form of intuitive insights, symbols from nature and dreams, and interactions with other people. The use of sound is an effective way to integrate meditation into your weekly practice. Even a short period of meditation will enhance your mental focus and ability to concentrate.

Guided Imagery

The Activators also features a short Guided Imagery exercise that relaxes your mind and strengthens your imagination and ability to hold clear mental pictures. This form of creative visualization training enhances your ability to create your desired experiences. In spite of its obvious value, very few people have ever been taught the nuances and benefits of effective manifesting.

Working together, the Exercise Sequence, Sound Meditation and Guided Imagery exercise will enhance your ability to relax and create. The Activators go beyond many yoga-type programs to integrate a more active mental and spiritual component.

Coming soon is the Positive Mind Power Course for individuals and couples focused on achieving an important goal. Participants do the Activators every day on their own time as part of the Course. Inquires are welcome at [email protected].

Who’s the Instructor?

Randy Moore created The Activators based on his experiences with various body-mind-spirit methods, techniques and teachings over the past three decades.

Where's the Class Taught?

I currently teach the Activators privately; new classes are coming soon to local venues.